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Welcome to our Lottie Dolls Range. This range of fantastic dolls and accessories are NEW for 2017.

Unlike other dolls, Lottie and Finn are based on characters that are nine years of age. Lottie and Finn are relatable, age-appropriate and fun dolls, many of the dolls and accessories from the collection were inspired by real girls.

Lottie aims to encourage kids to embrace individuality, enjoy their childhood and embark on meaningful adventures!

Lottie and her friend Finn are all about enjoying their childhood, living life to the full and seeking adventure around every corner. They live on Branksea Island, which is only 1.5 miles long, but it has castles and caves, beaches and piers, trees to climb and fields to play in. They both love the outdoors, and together with their friends, they are always on adventures, having fun and solving mysteries.